Center for Drug Design

This project included renovation of a suite of rooms in Hasslemo Hall to accommodate a new 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). The NMR required new lines to be run for compressed air, electrical, and HVAC which resulted in the removal of ceilings and fixtures.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Fair State Brewing Cooperative wanted to expand their footprint and distribution throughout the state and region. In order to achieve this goal they were in need of a new production facility, distribution warehouse, and office space to house employees.

University of Minnesota - Regis East Roof Access

Located on the West Bank of the University, the Regis Center for Art houses art classrooms including a foundry and kilns. Because of the nature of the functions in the building, there is a significant amount of on-going rooftop operations and maintenance.

Valley Natural Meats

Burnsville based Valley Natural Meats, a subsidiary of Valley Natural Foods, chose Loeffler to Design and Renovate a 4,400 SF MDA- and organic-certified meat processing plant and 4,000 SF holding barn on a 16 acre parcel in Northfield MN. The plant will manufacture specialty and smoked and cured meats, jerky, hams and sausages for wholesale and retail customers. The demand for sustainable farming, and humanely raised, grass and organic grain fed, locally produced meats that are USDA certified is growing rapidly.

University of Minnesota - Walter Library Data Center Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Improvements

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) provides high performance computing for researchers at the University of Minnesota. The existing data center within Walter Library utilized a single zone, wet-pipe fire sprinkler system throughout for asset protection. Loeffler diligently converted the existing fire suppression and addressable alarm systems to alleviate future asset loss potential.

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