Loeffler Construction & Consulting is a Native American Owned firm with experience working on reservation building casinos, restaurants and gaming operations. We understand the need to include the use of tribal members on our projects and are committed to providing these opportunities. We respect tribal sovereignty and the different cultures that we serve. Working with each tribe requires us to be flexible in our construction planning and how we deliver each project.

Apache Casino Event Center

Featuring 'Vegas-Style' amenities in a first of kind facility in Central Oklahoma. This 1,200 person capacity Event Center will be utilized to host national traveling acts as well as several other types of events. The Apache Casino Hotel is continually growing and is happy to be able to offer such amenities to their clients.

Jackpot Junction Casino Expansion

This project consists of re-purposing the existing Portside and Classic Casinos. The addition will be built to replace the existing Skyline Casino and Bingo Hall, including the supporting back of house areas and commercial kitchen spaces. A new entry drive will direct traffic under a new large canopy at the new main entrance, or allow guests to pull off into separate parking areas for the hotel and casino.

Shooting Star Casino - Bagley, MN

This project consisted of new construction of a 21,000 SF satellite casino for the White Earth Nation. The project contains 12,000 SF of gaming floor and restaurant space with amazing glulams and high end finishes.

Lower Sioux Health Care Clinic

In November of 2015 Loeffler Construction completed a state of the art health care clinic for the residents of the Lower Sioux Indian Community. The Lower Sioux Community was in need of a health clinic so Loeffler Construction and Design, LLC approached the community with a solution.

Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung

The Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung will be a 42-unit supportive housing project on University Avenue in St. Paul geared toward homeless, American Indian young adults between 18 and 24.

Anishinabe Bii Gii Wiin

The Anishinabe Wakiagun Building was originally built in 1995 and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The American Indian Community Development Corporation (AICDC) along with the Project for Pride in Living, Inc. (PPL) decided the Wakiagun Building needed an upgrade and addition.

Fort Sill Apache Casino

Fort Sill Apache leadership had a vision of excellence, but was limited to just a half-acre of land. The solution was to build a new structure right over the top of the operating casino. The project was completed in 2008. The end result was a 750-game casino, 150 seat restaurant cafe, high end dinner house, 120 room hotel and parking structure.

Turtle Mountain Indian Tribe Museum

The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, and Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association selected Loeffler Construction & Consulting to build a new unique gallery showcasing the art and culture of the Ojibwa, Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, and Sioux artists of North Dakota.

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