The digital age is upon us, and mission critical facilities are needed now more than ever. With our Client’s continued operations in mind, LCC manages the complex critical system relationships and aggressively executes the special project requirements for security, cleanliness, and communication. Industry-wide relationships with critical team-members foster LCC’s reassurance of cost competitiveness and the highest quality workmanship. Those relationships also allow LCC to work with Client’s to find creative, cost-effective, project delivery solutions.

University of Minnesota - Walter Library Super Computer

Walter Library is home to the newest server bank at the University of Minnesota. The Minnesota Super Computing Institute (MSI) purchased a new HP computer called Mesabi, which provides 674 Tflop/s of peak performance and 67 TB of RAM to faculty and researches at the university.

University of Minnesota - Walter Library Data Center Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Improvements

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) provides high performance computing for researchers at the University of Minnesota. The existing data center within Walter Library utilized a single zone, wet-pipe fire sprinkler system throughout for asset protection. Loeffler diligently converted the existing fire suppression and addressable alarm systems to alleviate future asset loss potential.

Confidential Client Energy Park Data Center

This project encompassed the replacement of the paralleling gear for the data center in the building. All of the gear needed to be replaced without turning the data center off at any time.

Confidential Business Center - Applications Resiliency Project

The Data Center Modernization project for this confidential client included provisions for temporary roads, parking areas, and site access as well as the final build-out of 15,000 SF of existing interior space. .

Confidential Security Control Center

Construction of a new data center for this confidential client consisted of a newly remodeled space to build out the adequate electrical and cooling systems that data centers require. The project cost was $5.5 million and construction lasted 10 months. Construction was completed in winter of 2013.

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