With multiple stakeholders, whose goals are specific to their own needs, these projects are the cornerstones of their communities. Special care and in-depth detail management ensure project success. At LCC, we strive to involve all supporters on all of our projects.

University of Minnesota - Gatehouse Arboretum Entrance

The improvements for the new entry consisted of the removal the existing gatehouse and replacing it with a new 750 SF building to fit the widened entrance lanes.

University of Minnesota - West Bank Steam Shaft #39

Project includes refurbishment of Steam Shaft #39 linings and surface vaults at the surface. Ventilation fans will be installed in the deep tunnel system.

University of Minnesota - Pleasant Street Reconstruction

Pleasant Street is the defining gateway and signature street for the East Bank campus of the University of Minnesota. This busy corridor includes portions of two significant historic districts and serves as a key public access point for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

University of Minnesota - Arboretum Eastern Drive

The project was 1-mile road supporting 2-way traffic with 11-foot wide bituminous lanes with rural 2-foot gravel shoulders rated for heavy duty traffic with a 20 year design life. This road will provide an internal connection between current campus and Eastern campus expansion including the Farm Garden and Bee Discovery Center projects.

University of Minnesota - Church Street Reconstruction

The Project consisted of a reconstruction of Church Street SE, between Washington Ave SE and Delaware Street SE as a limited-access, pedestrian/bicycle facility, and includes reconstruction of the Mayo Garage access drive and utility improvements.

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