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We’re a company built around trust, transparency, and teamwork, providing full-service capabilities and project-specific experts at a cost and quality not often seen at other construction companies.

Before Breaking Ground

Involving Loeffler Construction & Consulting prior to the start of construction can prevent costly mistakes and provide critical insights in design, budget, schedule, and alternative solutions for materials and building methods. Our industry knowledge and expert evaluation of market information and systems pricing allows us to predict costs, limit delays, and prevent surprises that can impact the cost, quality, and timing of construction.

Our goal is to provide the best possible preconstruction advice necessary to make every decision an informed one. We work closely with you to ensure a high degree of understanding on the goals, budget, and functionality of your project. Details matter to us.

Get in touch with us before breaking ground, and our preconstruction team can assist in the following:

  • Pre-design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Logistics Planning
  • Site Safety Planning
  • Cost Estimating & Program Pricing
  • Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • System Analysis & Value Optimization
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Sustainability Analysis
  • Milestone Budget & Schedule Development
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Risk Assessment
How We Deliver

The complexity of the modern building process demands qualified professionals with effective communication skills, impressive industry knowledge, and strong managerial abilities. Loeffler Construction & Consulting is that construction professional, representing people like you to bring projects in on time and within budget.

Our clients rely on us to provide the necessary control systems for cost, design scheduling, planning, and engineering to arrive at practical solutions for the most challenging of construction projects, no matter the delivery model. These include the following:

  • Construction Management Advisor
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management at Risk
  • Design-Build
How We Define Value

A bargain isn’t always a bargain in construction. To ensure the best possible outcome at the best possible cost, you must approach a project from a variety of different angles. That’s where Value Optimization comes into play. By leveraging our vast market knowledge, supplier relations, and network of value minded subcontractors, Loeffler Construction & Consulting is able to optimize outcomes to substantially lower overall cost, shorten construction time, and minimize client risk — all the while increasing customer satisfaction and even reducing cost of ownership. Value Optimization is more than just immediate results. It’s about long-term returns.

Restoration & Remodeling

Historic restorations present unique challenges for any builder. Rarely will you find original documents for the structures. You’ll also run into issues involving materials and building codes, which may then require a change or modernization to the structure — all while preserving its existing or historic value and integrity.

In other words, restoration and remodeling is more complex than new construction. Nowhere is planning and execution more important than in the commercial realm. These types of projects often require a great deal of time, energy, and experience to make improvements to a space while the business maintains full or partial operations during construction.

Years of experience restoring and remodeling existing buildings have equipped Loeffler Construction & Consulting with the expertise to explore all your options. Whether the goal is a complete restoration or to integrate modern systems into a historic structure, our team offers the skills and knowledge necessary to balance historic preservation with modern functionality.

We take great pride in our experience and ability to restore and adapt existing and historic buildings, as they hold great significance to our local community, state, and nation. For our team, it’s about preserving the past while still embracing the future.

Loeffler Construction & Consulting has more than 25 years of experience with remodels, renovations, and additions of everything from historical structures and healthcare facilities to event centers and gaming operations. Our team manages every aspect of your project—down to the smallest of details—to deliver success.

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